Коммерческое управление воздушным судном

Purchase of an aircraft is not only a serious investment, but also a rather difficult and labour-intensive procedure including search, analysis and verification of proposals available, bureaucratic procedures and registration of the jet.

It is also important for a jet owner to solve some problems of its operation.

We can save you this trouble by ( and we provide professional maintenance of the jet, including)

      condition monitoring;

      recruiting of a highly-qualified crew, training and supervising them (training and control;)

      flight coordination;

      preparation of flight permits;

      budgeting and property management;

      solution of administrative problems;

      insurance arrangement;

      legal and accounting services;

      financial reporting of the jet operation;

      organisation of commercial flights.

Profit from the commercial flights with your aircraft can considerably reduce the maintenance costs and compensate for your personal charter parties, while competent management can contribute to payback of the business jet in a long run. From the point of view of investment, jet purchase is a currently important and expedient investment.

At your desire, we can organise commercial charter flights with your jet, which can earn a tangible profit.

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